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3 Understated Super-Power that Every Woman should Embrace

It’s been around 7 years that our Founder, Rini, has been involved into Women Leadership & Development. It started from a fire in her belly to help provoke women’s conscience that have better options in lives to contribute to our loved one(s) – including ourselves, economy, and society. It’s a logic and heart driven mission. And along the way, she sees how women movement being abused and overused to emphasize discrepancies and exclusivities instead of promoting inclusion within diversity. Here is the piece that is inspired by her experience in Women Leadership.

Why do we forget these Superpower?

When we talk about women, we are also need to face the fact of our genetics, social construct, and evolutionary being. There is part of the paradigm that we need to respect as part of who we are. Our weakness is our strength and our strength can be our weakness. Hence saying, here are things that often forgotten as the essence of strength of being a Woman. If you are one, remember that you are capable of this. If you are not, then I hope you can help remind the women surround you in a kind manner. Enjoy the piece.

#1 The Power of Asking Help, with a kind smile and the word ‘Please’

Just because we can do all with our perfection, solved all in timely manner, and created own path, it doesn’t mean that we should do everything on our own. Every great leader knows how to ask for help. It is a sign of intellectuality to be able to harness the potential resources surrounds one self. It also encourages collaboration and team cohesion. It nurtures respect toward other and your own courage to trust and have faith that other will help you. By all mean, do it in a kind and nurturing way of a feminine soul can be. Nourish that trusting bond with your kind guidance and understanding, that everything has a process. Including great result.

Just because you do it better last time on your own, doesn’t mean you will better do all yourself.

It means, honey, you sort one of most effective ways and now it is your responsibility to educate others. What we do best as women also involve our ability to connect with others and care about other’s development.

And sweetheart, you’re hallucinating if you think you don’t need anyone and manage to be where you are now without anyone’s help. You need people to help you. The question is whether you have the grace to ask one by moving their heart and mind to serve the greater mission. 

#2 The Power to say “I’m Sorry”

I understand that this is against popular misconception that women should do less sorry and be more confidence in her actions. But guess what, both sorry & confidence can co-exist. Being confident doesn’t mean eliminating apologizing, vice versa. Your capability to say ‘I’m Sorry’ may reveal beyond being apologetic. Saying “I’m sorry” shows how you care for others being, respect their space and portray your humility - which is known as the new smart in this chaotic time.

Yes. Say what you meant. And meant what you said. Own it like a woman with fortitude. Embrace all consequences like you embrace vulnerability. Be YOU but don’t be a prick. You are smarter than most monkeys.

Overused and abused unapologetic actions reflect greed and arrogance, it’s a delusion of being right equal to being strong. It’s not. Being strong means you can endure the capability of being wrong. So, open the door and use your feminine brain more.

In case you ever worry to misuse ‘I’m Sorry, then Richard B. Joelsen, a psychotherapist that observe how saying I’m sorry can be misleading and often being mistakenly perceived as weakness, comes with a good guideline for apologizing that help to repair both a relationship as well as the reputation of the wrongdoer.

  1. Accept responsibility for the negative impact of your action so that your apology will be sincere and, therefore, well-received.

  2. Be specific in your apology so that you are directly acknowledging what you did wrong and not generalizing or being vague.

  3. Be empathetic, i.e., let the offended person know that you understand and appreciate the impact of your wrongdoing on them.

  4. Offer assurance that you will make every effort to ensure that your offensive words or actions will not be repeated.

#3 The power of offering “How may I help you?”

If there’s one thing that consistently found when I was coaching Women Leaders across organization, is that their interest to serve more than to gain more. It is as if it’s inevitable for women to be happy without making other happy too. Can it be their team, their family or others. This pure servitude, if I may call it, is what makes women unique and also becoming one of our best fortitude to cater any challenges and pursue greater purpose. That’s why Melinda Gates saying, “When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.” And throughout times, we knew that women is the pillars of society. If you want to develop a society, then starts with women.

In leadership term, we identify this by having a quality of Servant Leadership. Servant leadership is good for business—and women are better at it. The terminology 'Servant Leadership' became popular in a leadership context after Robert Greenleaf's bookServant Leadership (1977). It is known to portray such characteristics, that I believe if women look within – we have it within us and our daily lives.

  1. Listening

  2. Motivation

  3. Empathy

  4. Awareness (including self-awareness)

  5. Healing

  6. Persuasion

  7. Conceptualization

  8. Foresight

  9. Stewardship

  10. Commitment to other people's growth and a community spirit

Women is evolutionary designed with a capability to protect their offspring, nurture them, and make sure that the ones within the tribes and prides well nourished. It is part of who we are as a woman, having desires to serve and help others. It’s ok and its even better. Offering help wholeheartedly will help you to multiply your superpower, be a super awesome being, not only for self but also for others.

Last but not least,

Thank You for reading this till the end. I am also a woman who is capable of being wrong and always in progress for learning to serve what’s best for people who seek my help and how I make the world a better place to be for tomorrow’s generation.

If you have more Super Power that you think women should not deny, we would look forward to listen more.

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